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3139_0 Micro Load Cell (0-100g) - CZL639HD

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3139_0 Micro Load Cell (0-100g) - CZL639HD


Load cells are designed to measure a specific force, and ignore other forces being applied.

The electrical signal output by the load cell is very small and requires specialized amplification. Fortunately, the 1046 PhidgetBridge will perform all the amplification and measurement of the electrical output.

Load cells are designed to measure force in one direction. They will often measure force in other directions, but the sensor sensitivity will be different, since parts of the load cell operating under compression are now in tension, and vice versa.

This Single Point Load Cell is often used in small, high-precision scales. It’s mounted by bolting down the end of the load cell where the wires are attached, and applying force on the other end. Where the force is applied is not critical, as this load cell measures a shearing effect on the beam, not the bending of the beam. If you mount a small platform on the load cell, as would be done in a small scale, this load cell provides accurate readings regardless of the position of the load on the platform.

Product Features

  • Maximum Weight: 100g
  • Wheatstone Bridge Sensor
  • Measures shear force
  • Small: 35mm x 12mm x 4mm
  • Plugs into 1046 - PhidgetBridge 4-Input 

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Shear Load Cell
Weight Capacity Max 100 g
Cell Repeatability Error Max ± 50 mg
Cell Non-Linearity Max 50 mg
Cell Hysteresis Max 50 mg


Electrical Properties

Rated Output 600 μV/V
Rated Output Error Max ± 150 μV/V
Output Impedance 1 kΩ
Creep 100 mg/hr
Temperature Effect on Zero 5 mg/°C
Temperature Effect on Span 5 mg/°C
Supply Voltage Min 3 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 10 V DC

Ek Bilgi

Ürün Kodu GMS58-69/71

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