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Product Description

CelloTrack Vehicle Tracking Device

Cellocator CelloTrack GPS Tracking Device

Device Overview

The Cellocator CelloTrack line of asset GPS tracking devices offers many different hardware configurations for a variety of solutions. These different configurations offer a several I/O configurations for users to add customizable sensors for integration with Position Logic’s automatic alerts. In addition, the CelloTrack line of GPS devices can be configured to last up to three years on a single charge. These features allow for many different solutions to be met for GPS tracking and monitoring on the Position Logic GPS tracking platform. Request more information »

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Cellocator
Model: CelloTrack
Device Type: Vehicle or Asset Tracker
I/O Various Configurations
Battery: Yes – Internal Battery
Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

Device Features

  • Many different I/O configurations for custom sensors
  • Accurate internal GPS/GSM antenna
  • Weather proof case for recreational vehicles
  • Built for long term deployment
  • Battery efficient hardware design
  • Long term battery life





CelloTrack product line, designed for advanced tracking applications and locating assets, provides enhanced functionality through a battery life of approximately three years, very easy installation and wide range of applications considered.

The capabilities provided by the family CelloTrack can reduce financial losses of the company, often as a result suffered a difficult task success as asset tracking, such as trailers, containers and trains.

CelloTrack allows tracking, communication, features GPS based location, and maintenance capabilities.

One of the product line family is family CelloTrack CelloTrack 6M. 6M CelloTrack family provides cost-effective solutions that enable autonomous operation for six months with a GPS and GPRS transmission per day to two months and four measurements per day transmissions using 2AH rechargeable batteries.

6M CelloTrack family enables the monitoring, communication characteristics GPS-based location and maintenance capabilities similar to those of usual CelloTrack.

Family units CelloTrack provide regular assistance and a command to connect to a separate server for maintenance, configuration and firmware upgrade. The
maintenance is enabled by the software package Cellocator +.

CelloTrack is an innovative and adaptable tracking device, used for both management of mobile and fixed assets. This little device allows a continuous tracking and monitoring of the exact location of the valuable assets of a company, increasing its overall operational productivity.

This content with a housing IP67 high durability and weatherproof, CelloTrack features work optimally without direct access to a power supply. It is resistant to severe weather conditions.

Cellocator ™ CelloTrack

Pointer Telocation yeni state-of-the-art varlık izleme ve yönetim cihazı, CelloTrack resmi duyurdu.


CelloTrack birim varlık yönetimi, envanter kontrolü, kayıp önleme ve güvenlik amaçlı tam sabit ve mobil, güçsüz ve güçlü varlık izleme, için bağımsız bir izleme cihazıdır. Bu, bir güç kaynağına bağlantısı gerektirmeyen uzun ömürlü bir üründür

The CelloTrack is the newest addition to our already proven line of AVL products and ‎services for Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. With this new product, ‎your customers will be able to add asset tracking to their current vehicle tracking ‎capabilities. It will also increase the range of your applications and improve your ‎competitive edge in the market place. ‎

The CelloTrack contributes to the reduction of financial losses with its advanced ‎ability to track equipment such as: trailers, containers, trains and cargo.  ‎

•  Long battery life, up to 3 years without recharging.‎
•  Auto-shut-down to preserve battery power while stationary.‎
•  Highly durable I65 weather-proof casing that houses all components - battery, ‎GSM
   and GPS.‎
•  Compact size, easily installed and removed.‎
•  Accelerometer to detect movement and report movement at different transmission
  ‎ intervals.‎
•  Over-the-air configuration and firmware upgrading.‎

•  No maintenance.‎
•  Increased profitability.‎
•  Added value by accurately matching location reports to attractions.‎
•  Data collected anonymously and legally, without invasion of privacy.‎

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Ürün Kodu GM-1866/50

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