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VMUM4AS1T2X(Local I/O)

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VMUOXI2R2X (Local I/O)



Protecting the environment is a fundamental ideal that requires dedication and care, which is why every solar project is a vital project. It needs the same attention that we devote to the things we value most.

When developing the control system for photovoltaic plants, care and attention are essential values for Carlo Gavazzi. This ensures the solar investment is a solid investment.

The Carlo Gavazzi solution develops with the Eos-Array and the Eos-Box depending upon the requirements and complexity of the photovoltaic plant.

Variables measuring unit with built-in protection fuseholder (the fuse is not provided); particularly indicated for DC current, voltage, active power and energy metering in PV solar applications. The current inputs/outputs and also the voltage inputs are made so to simplify the string common connections. Direct connection up to 16A or 20A depending on the model. Moreover the unit is provided with an auxiliary serial communication bus. Alarms, antitheft control, fuse blow detection, PV module connection and serial communication are managed by means of VMU-M module. Housing for DIN-rail mounting, IP40 (front) protection degree.

  • Part number EOS-VMUP2TIWXSX (Measuring Unit)
  • Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi
  • The VMU-P is an environment variables manager
  • To be use with master unit VMU-M
  • Two temperature (Pt100/Pt1000, 3-wire) inputs for cell and air temperature measurements
  • One irradiation ( 120mV) input
  • One wind speed (pulse) input
  • Direct DC voltage measurement up to 1000V
  • Energy measurements: kWh
  • Direct DC current measurement up to 16A (up to 20A without fuse)
  • Instantaneous variables data format: 4 DGT
  • Energies data format: 6 DGT
  • Instantaneous variables: V, A, W.
  • Accuracy: Class 1 (kWh) ±0.5 RDG (current/voltage)
  • Auxiliary power supply from VMU-M unit


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Ürün Kodu GM-1001/MG4

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