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Ethernet Virtual COMport - RS-232/485 COMport

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 Ethernet Virtual COMport - RS-232/485 COMport

The Anybus Serial Server is an Ethernet Virtual COMport to RS232 and RS485 COM-port gateway. Together with a special software driver in a PC, it can be used as a remote serial port. PC applications designed to access data using normal serial COM-ports, can access the data through the remote Anybus serial server without any software modifications. The LAN/Internet network together with the serial server and driver can be viewed as a long "virtual" serial cable.

The software is enhanced with specific timing support for serial networks like ModbusRTU, DF1 and MPI. The gateway can be used for remote configuration of PLC:s such as Allen Bradley and Siemens S7 (with S7 using MPI to RS232 dongle). 


  Creates a Virtual COM port on Ethernet or Internet
  Remote management of serial devices via LAN or WANs
  10/100 MBit/s Ethernet connection
  Transparent serial communication
  4-module norm standard enclosure for M36 DIN-rail mounting
  Siemens S7 PLC configuration support using MPI-RS-232 dongle
  Allen Bradley DF1 PLC configuration support
  Dual serial ports, RS-232 & RS-485 simultaneously
  Supports Modbus RTU for Windows applications communicating with a COM port
  Auto detect of devices connected to Ethernet via IPconfig


Size:   70 mm x 86 mm x 57,7 mm
Power Supply:   9-32 VDC
Temperature:   -40 to +85°C
Current Consump:   70mA@24VDC (1.7W)
Baud Rate:   10-100 Mbit/s
Sub Baud Rate:   up to 115kBit/s
Mech Rating:   IP20
Config Method:   IPconfig (NetbiterConfig), Web interface and Serial/IP
Appl Interface:   RS-232 & RS-485 simultaneously
Serial/IP License:   Including FREE Serial/IP license for 1 to 16 COM-ports, freely selectable
Order Code:   AB7701


Anybus Serial Server 


Application Example 
In this example: The Serial Server can be used for remote configuration of a Siemens S7 PLC using RS-232 and an MPI dongle. Another can be added to provide transparent TCP/IP data over RS-485 connection to an additional serial device

Driver Access:
HMS uses the advanced Windows-based COM-port redirector software “Serial/IP“ from Tactical Software. The software license is included when you purchase a Serial Server from HMS. The license supports up to16 virtual COM ports on one PC.

By using Anybus Serial Server and its Serial/IP COM port redirector driver, the Serial Server serial port can be set up to emulate a remote COM port. In this case, there is no need to modify software or communication objects. The solution can be used immediately with the serial port, and is applicable to all PC’s with Windows operating systems. 

IP Configuration:
Ethernet setting of the Serial Server is very easy to do with the software "Anybus IPConfig". This tool uses the HMS “HICP” protocol to detect any Ethernet devices on a Local area network. 

After installing the software on a PC, press Scan and the software will detect all Ethernet devices on your network that is using Ethernet technology from HMS. Click on the Device you would like to set IP adddress on and press Set. The Serial Server will reset and after a few seconds apper on your network with the new IP address.

Web based management of Anybus Serial Server:

After assigning an IP number to the Serial Server, further configuration can be done easily via the built in web server. Just start an Internet browser, such as MS Internet Explorer and type in the IP number of the Serial Server. A self-instructive menu system will appear for device settings, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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