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Product Description

PK2 is a single-phase surge arrester type 3 according to EN 61643-11. Designed for universal application for the protection of all kinds of electrical devices connected to the network nn against impulse surge effects.

It is suitable for TN-S and TN-C. On request, the customer can request this type for other than operating voltage 230V/50Hz. Failure varistor is indicated by sliding the red slider disc mechanical thermal fuse, react to varistors overheating above the temperature of 120 º C.


Rated operating voltage N 230 In  
Maximum continuous operating voltage C 275 In  
Nominal discharge surge current I n (8/20) (L / N, L / PE) n 3 kA  
Nominal discharge surge current I n (8/20) (N / PE) n 5 kA  
Combined pulse U OC (L / N, L / PE) TheOC 6 kV  
Combined pulse U OC (N / PE) TheOC 10 kV  
Voltage protection level at U OC (L / N) P <1 kV  
Voltage protection level at U OC (L / PE) P <1.2 kV  
Voltage protection level at U OC (N / PE) P <1.2 kV
Single-phase SPD Class III combination-type systems for networks with grounding-type TN-S, TT. U N = 24, 60, 230 V.
     The device series Pk2 (DS) correspond to the SPD Class III, Division according to GOST R 51992-2002 (IEC 61643-1-98). Installed after the SPD Class II within 2 - 3 lightning protection zones (in accordance with IEC 1312-1, IEC 62305 and CO-153-34.21.122-2003) in the vicinity of the protected equipment. Are designed to protect end-users from the residual surge voltage surges.
PK2 (DS) , TU 3428-002-79740390-2007 - a series of SPD Class III on the basis of zinc oxide varistors and gas-filled spark gap.
• Designed to protect equipment in chains L / N, L / PE, N / PE from residual surge voltage surges.
• Available at the nominal operating voltage U N = 24, 60, 230 (AC / DC). 
• Visual inspection of the working condition of the SPD is performed using the red indicator. In good condition indicator drowned in an emergency - advanced. 
• For remote control Pk2 DS cnabzheny additional "dry" contacts remote alarm. 
•  The protected equipment should be placed at a distance of no more than 10-15 m from the SPD Class III.Subject to the rules of the amplitude of the voltage on the protected equipment will not exceed 900 V. 
concepts SPD series Pk2 (DS)
Pk2 wiring diagram for ac power system grounding type TN-S and TN-C 
Pk2 wiring diagram for DC grounding system type TN-S system and 
Visual and remote signaling the operating status
certificate of conformity GOST R
Resolution of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision
Theory and application features:
SPD and its parameters
the use of SPD Class III
    Pk2 (DS) DC networks are designed to protect the DC system grounding type TN-S system A, in accordance with GOST R 50571.2-94 (IEC 364-3-93), where "-" is grounded. "+" Is connected to Klem "C", "-" is connected to terminal "D". There electrical wherein "+" is grounded in this case, "+" is connected to terminal "D", and "-" to the terminal "C . "
    For measurements made in the electrical installation when the measurement technique provides high voltage test (for example, testing of insulation resistance) must be disconnected from the electrical surge protection. Failure to do so will lead to a distortion of results or, in the worst case, the output of the device failure.  
Optional accessories:
Switching razdelelitelnye chokes Series PI-L *
instrument for the diagnosis of SPD TESTER H1
secondary connection module PR100
Technical characteristics
Pk2 DS 24 V AC Pk2 DS
Pk2 24 V AC Pk2
SPD class according to GOST R 51992-2002 III  III
Type of protection L / N, L / PE, N / PE  L / N, L / PE, N / PE
Rated operating voltage, U N 24 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz
Max. continuous operating voltage, U C  28.8 V   50 Hz 275 V 50 Hz
Nominal discharge current of L / N, L / PE, In (8/20) 3 kA  3 kA
Nominal discharge current N / PE, In (8/20) 5 kA  5 kA
Pulse Test L / N, L / PE, Uoc 4 kV  6 kV
Pulse Test N / PE, Uoc 10 kV  10 kV
Voltage protection level L / N at Uoc, Up <180  <1000
Voltage protection level L / PE at Uoc, Up <1200  <1200
The voltage level of protection N / PE with Uoc, Up <1200  <1200
Temporary overvoltage U T, L / N 35/5 sec  335/5 sec
Temporary overvoltage U T, N / PE 1200 / 0.2 sec  1200 / 0.2 sec
Power dissipation at t = 20 ° C <0.5 W  <0.5 W
Nominal protection fuse 16 A gG  16 A gG
Operating temperature, υ -40 ° C - +55 ° C -40 ° C - +55 ° C
The response time T A, L / N <25 ns  <25 ns
The response time T A, L / PE, N / PE <100 ns  <100 ns
Degree of protection according to IEC 14254  IP 20   IP 20
Installation DIN-rail 35 mm  DIN-rail 35 mm
Cross-section of connected conductors 2.5 mm ²  2.5 mm ²
Case Material Polyamide PA6   Polyamide PA6
Housing color gray  gray
Period of operation 100,000 hours  100,000 hours
Contacts remote signaling    
-Electric strength 3.75 kVeff  3.75 kVeff
, Insulation resistance 2 x 10 7 ohm  2 x 10 7 ohm
-Max. switching current ~ 0,5 A  ~ 0,5 A
-Max. switching voltage ~ 250   ~ 250
Weight 100 gr. 100 gr.
Catalog 32207  32008
  32206  32030

Pk2 is a single-phase surge arrester type 3 according to EN 61643-11 suitable for TNS and TNC systems. It is designed for universal application for protection of all electrical appliances connected to L.V. supply system against impulse surge effects. It is possible to supply this arrester for different nominal voltage (different from 230V/50Hz) on a special demand. The function failure of varistor is indicated by target disconnection of mechanical thermal fuse which react to varistor overheating above c. 120°C.

Type PK2
Nominal voltage 
Max. continuous operating voltage 
Nominal discharge current In (8/20) (L/N,L/PE) 
Nominal discharge current (8/20) N/PE 
Combined impulse UOC (L/N, L/PE) 
Combined impulse UOC (N/PE) 
Voltage protection level at UOC (L/N) 
< 1 
Voltage protection level at UOC (L/PE) 
< 1,2 
Voltage protection level at UOC (N/PE) 
< 1,2 
Article number

Ek Bilgi

Ürün Kodu GM-2073/7

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