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KRIES VOIS Voltage Detection in MV Switchgear - OK

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Integrated Three Phase Capacitive Voltage Detecting System According to IEC 61243-5.


No battery required

For voltage detecting no battery or external power supply is required.

Integrated 3-phase test point

Acc. to LR-specification in IEC 61243-5 to be used for phase comparison and phase sequence test.

Economical alternative

to plug-in voltage detectors


Voltage detecting system for high voltage (VDS) Integrated three phase capacitive voltage detecting system according to IEC 61243-5.

ntegrated voltage indicator with relay output.

The Vois R+ from Kries is an integrated capacitive voltage indicator according to the IEC 61243-5 standard for voltage detecting in medium voltage switchgear. The change from voltage present to voltage absent is indicated by a change in the arrow symbol on the front panel, from visible to invisible, and can also be monitored via the integrated relay outputs. The device needs no power supply to indicate the voltage, the energy necessary for indication is taken from the capacitive coupling and power is only required to drive the relay outputs.

The safety rules and laws dealing with working on medium voltage equipment and the five safety rules according to DIN -VDE 0105 have to be observed. Independent of the indication on the Vois R+, the earthing switch must be switched on before opening the switchgear or working on live parts. Vois R+ is suitable for connecting to specified capacitive coupling electrodes. The coupling part which is connected to Vois R+ must meet the interface conditions according to IEC 61243-5.

For testing voltages higher than 15 kV and frequencies lower than 16 2/3 Hz, the three-phase connecting point on the front has to be short circuited. The three-phase connecting point is adapted to the LRM conditions according to IEC 61243-5. The connecting point is suitable for testing phase comparison, phase sequence, redundancy, and as an option, maintenance testing. For this purpose Kries offers the universal CAP-Phase combined voltage detector and phase comparator.

Vois R + is suitable for use in an operating temperature range from -25 to +55°C and meets IP54 protection requirements.


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Ürün Kodu GM-2358/20

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