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Evaluators Sensostar


PURPOSE AND SCOPEieys ikonka pdf
Sensostar 2C designed for calculating and accounting for the amount of heat volume(Mass) and the temperature of the coolant (water) in open and closed systems of water heating and domestic hot water. 
Applied in the calculation of thermal energy in the residential and industrial sectors of municipal economy.




Heat calculator is a microprocessor processing unit of measurement information and provides signal conversion from meters and thermometers, as well as the calculation and storage of all calculated parameters: 
- heat, volume, flow, thermal power, 
Principle of operation of calculator software is processing incoming information from the sensors and then memorizing the results and displays them on an 8-bit LCD. 
Heat calculator calculates the total amount of heat from the initial information about the water temperatures at the inlet and outlet of the heat consumer and the amount of heat transmitted through consumer coolant (water). Information about water temperatures comes from a set of platinum resistance thermometers Pt500. 
Information about the volume comes from the inverter coolant flow (water meter), installed in the flow or return.
Heat calculator enables you to view information can not modify it. Heat meter equipped with resistance thermometers: Pt500.
Sensostar 2 C
Operating temperature range of measuring temperature, ° C
1. . . 150 
Type resistance thermometers
Pt 500
The range of the temperature difference, ° C
3. . . 100
Conversion factor l / pulse
1/2, 5/10/25/100/250/1000
The minimum value of the thermal energy, kWh
0.001 / 0.0025 / 0.001 / 0.025 / 0.1 / 0.25 / 1
Limit of permissible absolute error of convertingtemperature, ° C
Limit permissible relative error on heat %
± 5
The range of temperature environment , ° C
0. . .55
3, 3.6 V battery, 3 V power supply, power supply via M-In US
Electromagnetic compatibility
IP 65
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg, max.
Installation diagram of calculator

Wiring Diagram Evaluator



In the development of the SENSOSTAR®2C US compact meter the experience of over 30 years of producing heat meters has been united with the customer wishes of today and tomorrow.

The result is an ultrasonic compact meter that convinces through its measurement accuracy, long lifetime and robustness.

In particular, the generous dimensions of the terminal box allow for simple connection of the connecting cables.The high-strength cable glands with strain relief for up to 6 cables protect against humidity and dirt.

The housing cover has two convenient snap-open positions (at 80o and 140o), which allow easy and comfortable direct mounting of the SENSOSTAR®2C US, and connection of cables.


Technical data

  • Compact meter (optionally as a cooling meter)
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Constant display of the total energy consumed
  • 3-in-1 mounting system for direct screw mounting, Engel mann wall-mounting support or mounting (DIN) rail
  • For connection of Pt500 temperature sensor pairs
  • Automatic detection of 2-wire or 4-wire technique
  • Temperature measurement range from 1° to 150°C (optional 1o to 180oC)
  • Infrared interface with daylight fi lter
  • Convenient operating and confi guration software
Part Number Size Min Flow
Max Flow
DHMU 0.6 15mm 0.006 1.2
DHMU 1.5 15mm 0.015 3
DHMU 2.5 20mm 0.025 5
DHMU 3.5 25mm 0.035 7
DHMU 6 25mm 0.060 12
DHMU 10 40mm 0.100 20
Flanged Versions
DHMU 15F 50mm 0.15 30
DHMU 25F 65mm 0.25 50
DHMU 40F 80mm 0.40 80
DHMU 60F 100mm 0.60 120
DHMU 150F 150mm 1.50 300


Ek Bilgi

Ürün Kodu GM-2440/20

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