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Modicon Analog Input Module 140-AVI-030-00

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Modicon Analog Input Module 140-AVI-030-00 General Description MODICON® QUANTUM™ 140AVI03000 ANALOG INPUT MODULE8000 HO046010/2004Data Bulletin North Andover, MA USA1Wiring examples (refer to user guide for important safety information):The Quantum 140AVI03000 Analog Input Module provides (8)differential analog input channels. Each channel is individuallyconfigurable for a 1 ... 5 VDC or 4 … 20 mA signal.This module has broken wire detection in 4…20mA mode and undervoltage detection in 1…5V mode.A Quantum removable terminal strip allows for easy maintenance.Quantum backplanes (ordered separately) come in 2,3,4,6,10, and 16slot versions. Any Quantum module can be used in any slot. AQuantum power supply is required in each rack. The power supplyprovides logic power to all modules on the bus.All Quantum I/O modules are optically isolated from the bus, ensuringsafe and trouble-free operation. This isolation also allows modules tobe hot swapped.Optionally, you can insert mechanical keys between the I/O module andthe terminal strip to ensure that the field wiring and the module type areproperly matched. Key codes are unique for each module type. Keykits are shipped with each I/O module.As an option, modules can be ordered with a conformal coating appliedto protect the internal circuitry from corrosive gases such as Chlorine,Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide.

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