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System Sensor M210E Single Input Monitor Module

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  • Analogue addressable communications
  • Built-in type identification automatically identifies the System Sensor M210E to the control panel
  • Stable communication technique with high noise immunity
  • Rotary decade 01 to 99 address switches
  • Common mounting options available including Surface Mount, Panel Mount and DIN Rail Mount.
  • Tri colour LED's
  • Powered directly by 2-wire loop. No additional power required
  • Plug-in terminal connections for ease of field wiring

Requires M200E-SMB Box - Please see related products below.

The System Sensor Single Input Control Module M210E is an Addressable Fire Alarm Interface Module unit that is specifically designed to be used on System Sensor Protocol Fire Alarm Systems.
The System Sensor Single Input Control Module M210E module monitors a single input device circuit of normally open dry contact alarm activation devices.
The System Sensor Single Input Control Module M210E use one of 99 available module addresses on a loop and responds to regular polls from the control panel reporting its type and the status (open/normal/short) of its supervised device circuit.
The System Sensor Single Input Control Module M210E has two rotary switches enable direct dial entry of DECADE address (01-99).
The System Sensor Single Input Control Module M210E also has a tri-colour LED on the module flashes green for normal and amber for fault indicating that the module is in communication with the System Sensor Fire Alarm Control Panel.  The tri-colour LED for inputs latches steady red on alarm (subject to current limitations)

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Ürün Kodu GM-2314/33

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