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Net Optics 10 GigaBit iBypass Switch with Heartbeat

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10G Bypass Switch for Fail-safe Connectivity of In-line Network Security and Performance Appliances Improve the performance of Industry standard IPS appliances and other in-line devices that rely on internal bypass mechanisms. Net Optics 10 GigaBit Fiber Bypass (iBypass) Switch with Heartbeat is the industries first high-speed device for reliable in-line or IPS appliance fail-over protection. As networks evolve, the 10 GigaBit iBypass satisfies the requirements for support of 10 Gbps network and monitoring tool connections. Integrated iTap technology delivers SNMP reporting and management features. Available Net Optics management software, delivers a comprehensive view of all iTap-enabled devices and their operating status. IT security professionals can now remotely monitor link traffic and configuration parameters, ensuring more efficient security management. Bi-directional indicators display traffic utilization and peak traffic rates via GUI or a front panel display to help identify possible network or application anomalies before a major outage. Link Fault Protection Exclusive "Heartbeat and Link Fault Detect" features allow an iBypass Switch and in-line or IPS appliance to share state information. A configurable Heartbeat packet sent from the iBypass Switch helps identify link anomalies, possible SW outages or device failures. In the event of a failure, redeployment of an appliance or a software malfunction, traffic is routed away from the in-line appliance using Fast Path™ switching technology through the iBypass Switch to ensure maximum traffic forwarding performance. XFP Flexibility The XFP based Monitor Ports provide the flexibility to monitor network links with IPS appliances that may contain dissimilar interface transceivers. An IPS can be located beyond the specifications of an SR XFP and would require the use of LR XFPs. The base 10 GigaBit chassis requires the additional purchase of two XFP conversion kits. New Remote Management Capabilities Net Optics Web Manager offer two new levels of remote management capability depending on your IT needs. These new software tools provide for easy to read security and performance information from either a single device or all of the iTap enabled devices in your network. Web Manager Net Optics Web Manager, a browser-based interface allows for single device configuration and status monitoring. Web Manager displays all configuration, status, and traffic data on a single page. Changes to the configuration can be made with a few clicks of the mouse from any browser. Uninterrupted Traffic The iBypass Switch supports fail-safe monitoring with any 10 Gbps attached appliances. While the iBypass Switch or attached appliance receives power, the iBypass diverts network traffic through the appliance. For example, in the event an IPS appliance loses power, traffic continues to flow through the iBypass, no longer routed to the IPS appliance. Once power is properly restored, network traffic is seamlessly diverted to the IPS appliance once again, allowing it to resume its critical functions. This fail-over feature also allows attached appliances to be removed, replaced or upgraded when needed without network downtime. For special applications, the iBypass trigger, heartbeat rate, and heartbeat packet can be customized. - See more at:

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