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PitchMaster II Servo Driver

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PitchMaster II

The PITCHmaster II is the state-of-the art servodrive generation for electric pitch systems. The robust PITCHmaster II was developed for the harsh conditions prevailing in the rotor hub and operates reliably at constant internal switch gear cabinet temperatures ranging from -30°C (-22°F) to +70°C (158°F).

High vibration and shock tolerance - The robust PITCHmaster II is capable of withstanding the high mechanical loads in the rotating hub.

Optimized Emergency Power Unit (EPU) connection - External connection is facilitated by means of an integrated diode for EPU and DC link circuit decoupling. No need for shielded cables for the EPU as the EPU connection is included in the EMC concept.

Few components - Highly accurate EPU voltage measurement reduces the number of additional components in the switchgear cabinet, thus reducing installation time and increasing reliability.

Integrated rotor speed measurement - Integrated acceleration sensor supplies information on rotor speed, rotor position and vibrations. This data can be used for Condition Monitoring solutions.

Brake driver on EPU voltage level - Inherently earth-fault proof brake driver enables the regulation of holding brakes to EPU voltage level, thus reducing the number of relevant switching devices in the switchgear cabinet.

Support of AC and DC motors - The software equally supports the control of synchronous, asynchronous or DC motors.

Increased availability - The PITCHmaster II was optimized to increase the reliable operation in harsh environments. The number of maintenance intervals are reduced which leads to higher wind turbine availability.

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Ürün Kodu GMŞ109-14/E4

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