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Smoke Detectors [CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D]

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Advanced Ionization
Smoke Detectors
Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D 70.01
␣ Approvals/Listing ␣ US and Canadian UL Listed (cULus) ␣ FM Approved ␣ CSFM Approved ␣ NYC MEA Accepted (pending)
␣ Dual Ionization Chamber Technology ␣ Nominal Sensitivity
␣ CPD-7054: 1.30% per foot Obscuration
␣ CPD-7054D: 1.00% per foot Obscuration ␣ Sensitivity Measurement/Testing
␣ Wireless Measurement in %/ft Obscuration
␣ Remote and Local Functional Test Capability
␣ Wide Range of Input Voltage 10.2 to 36.8 VDC
␣ Low Current design
␣ Dual Response LEDs allow 360-degree viewing
␣ Trouble Indication
␣ Low Profile Appearance using Surface Mount Technology
␣ Electrically and Mechanically Compatible with all Fenwal Smoke and Electronic Heat Detectors and Bases
␣ Interchangeable 2-Wire and 4-Wire Bases ␣ Universal Relay Modules ␣ Non Polarized ␣ Locking Feature for Vandal Resistance
␣ Fine Mesh Insect Screen ␣ EMI and RFI Resistant
The Fenwal Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D are dual cham- ber Ionization Smoke Detectors designed to sense both visible and invisible products of combustion. The Detectors have ad- vanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry and are designed for 2-Wire and 4-Wire installation using the appropriate Detector base. The characteristic 360-degree detector design permits smoke entry from any direction. A unique sensing cham- ber design permits the operation of the Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D in open areas with air velocities from 0 to 300 fpm and 0 to 500 fpm, respectively. The Model CPD-7054D is also suitable for duct housing applications in air velocities from 500 to 4000 fpm. The Detectors are designed for open area/duct hous- ing applications per UL268/UL268A and may be installed in sys- tems intended for Releasing Device Service through use of compatible Fire Alarm Control Panels.
Two red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are located diametrically opposite each other so as to allow 360-degree viewing. Both LEDs continuously indicate the operating condition of the Detector. Dur- ing standby, the LEDs flash once every six seconds. During alarm, both LEDs light steady at full brilliance. A double flash every six seconds indicates a detector with a sensitivity threshold outside
Effective: January 2006
acceptable limits. A unique gated output circuit design provides improved stability and transient suppression. Special signal pro- cessing techniques verify the presence of smoke before the de- tector will alarm. A fine mesh insect screen protects the chamber area and is used to avoid potential nuisance alarms. The detector head is installed into its mounting base with a simple twist-lock action. A locking feature is provided for vandal resistant security.
Table 2 lists the Technical Specifications for Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D Ionization Smoke Detectors.
The Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D Detectors are designed to operate with control units and releasing devices having spe- cific voltage and current characteristics that are compatible with the detector circuitry. Both models are compatible with the Fenwal control units and interface modules listed in Table 1.
The Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D can be used with the de- tector base options and accessories in Tables 3 and 4. Various base options are available to provide auxiliary relay and/or remote indi- cation and remote test feature. The Model CPD-7054 and CPD- 7054D Ionization Smoke Detectors may be interchanged with other Fenwal Series THD-705X Electronic Heat Detector and Series PSD- 715X Photoelectric Smoke Detectors when using multifunction base configuration.
The Models CPD-7054 and CPD-7054D Detectors are listed to be installed on maximum 30 foot (9.1 m) centers, typically on smooth ceilings up to 15 feet (4.6 m) high and will operate with minimum air circulation.
Resultant maximum 900 square foot (83.6 m2) spacing may be used as a reasonable guide for comparable applications. Where special conditions exist (ceiling obstructions, high air exchange rates, etc.), reduced spacing must be used to achieve adequate protection. Computer rooms and other such installations may re- quire spacing with a maximum of 200 square feet (18.6 m2) due to high air exchange rates.

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