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TESC Air-Smart Aircon Energy Saver

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Air Smart Enerji Tasarrufu


Quick Overview Save up to 30% on your air conditioning energy costs with the TESC Air-Smart Aircon Energy Saver Product Description The waste that your air conditioning unit or system makes can have a huge impact not only your energy bills but on the environment. The commercial, hotel and leisure industries are one of the largest industry sectors and consumers of air conditioning products and services yet many are still unaware of the damage they are doing both financially and globally. The problem you face is both from the life span of your air conditioning unit and the demand for air conditioners around the world matching the increasing temperature levels as global warming effects many countries at an alarming rate. The cost you may encounter to replace, maintain and of course run your air conditioning systems will continue to increase with the rise in energy bills to combat this demand and strain on resources. Additional Information How It Works The standard design of air conditioning is to operate continuously until the thermostat is satisfied, running the compressor and producing a greater cooling capacity than the air can absorb. This of course wastes energy. AES controls the thermostat and the compressor to achieve optimum balance between efficiency and minimum energy consumption. The unit not only saves up to 30% on your electricity bill for air conditioning but it requires no maintenance, will pay you back in less than a year, prevents icing, expands the lifetime of your AC unit and helps to contribute to a healthier living environment. Specification Height: Width: Length: Manufacturer The Energy Saving Company

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